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EMPYREAN HEAVY MACHINERY SPARE PARTS TRADING LLC – a company founded by specialists in the supply of industrial equipment, special technics, its components, spare parts and consumables. We supply a wide range of industrial equipment, vehicles and products for the mining, oil, heavy and construction companies and enterprises.

Our company has dealer and trade relations with the largest manufacturers of industrial equipment, spare parts, raw materials and consumables. Empyrean successfully provides the necessary equipment for construction, oil and mining enterprises.

We are official suppliers of a wide range of special heavy equipment (excavators, loaders, etc.), trucks, ICE, locomotives and another railway transport, as well as spare parts for construction equipment, mining trucks, mine loaders and many other special machines. With us you will always find elements for the running gear, filters, travel reducers, engine parts and much more.

A team of experienced specialists has been working with manufacturers of heavy equipment for many years, due to we can guarantee a successful and long-term cooperation. The company works with such well-known brands as Caterpillar, Shell, Michelin, Hitachi, NKMZ and this list continues to expand.

In the last years we took a worthy position in the industrial equipment market place.

Our customers are not only large manufacturers, but also small trading companies. The team constantly analyzes the needs of customers and the market place, due to which the range of supplied products is regularly expanded and updated.

The company cooperates with only official manufacturers of equipment and spare parts that provide technical support and guarantee of the products. Our experts are continually in touch with manufacturers and customers.

Empyrean guarantees high-quality maintenance, including the necessary service support. We also provide the certificates and, if necessary, can supervise assembling processes and staff trainings.

Thanks to the successful performance of our team and partnership with global brands, the company has gained the status of a reliable supplier, customer’s respect and a stable market position. This inspires us to further develop and expand our activities, as well as to improve the quality of our services.


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